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What your therapist REALLY thinks about you….

My daughter’s 9th grade English teacher recently sent an email to all of her students with some logistical information about what they can expect in the upcoming quarter, basic stuff. But she ended the email what I think might be the most beautiful statement. “I’m here for you and I will keep believing in all of you until you can...[ read more ]

Getting Back to the Basics of Mental Well Being: Sleep

If you are like me, you may have a tendency to over complicate things. It does not help that all of us have within reach a little hand held computer (that some people actually make phone calls on) that allows us to fall into the rabbit holes of endless research. I recently googled, “how to be mentally healthy” and received...[ read more ]

Tales from the Bunker – Thoughts During a Pandemic

I have been meaning to blog for months and months, so many ideas to share in regard to mental wellbeing. It’s ironic that a worldwide pandemic is what is giving me the time and space to begin, but I’ll take any slivers of silver lining we can find in this uncertain and worrisome time. I hope to give some ideas,...[ read more ]

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